About us

The company has license rights to operate and develop these coal deposits :

“Iretsky” – license until 01.08.2038 y.

“Severniy” – license until 06.10.2040 y.

The coal deposits are located in the central part of the Cheremkhovskiy district municipality of the Irkutsk region, 50 km southwest of the district center of Cheremkhovo.

Geologically, in the southeastern part of the Prisayanskaya coal-bearing area, in the central part of the Irkutsk coal basin.

Total stocks:

75.8 million tons

Approved geological balance coal (B+C1+C2) reserves as of 01.01.2020


2 million tons/year

The project provides for a stage-by-stage development of the deposit, with egress to stable productivity


882 000 tons

For the period from December 2018 to July 2020 inclusive


882 000 tons

Including 638 315 tons - ports of the Far East / 149 552 tons - China through border crossings / 94 122 tons through Baltic ports

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We take care of nature and resources.

Our main goal is to create a modern successful enterprise aimed at the production of high-quality coal under exceptional environmental safety standards.

Our priorities:


Products quality control at all stages from production planning to delivery to the end consumer


High standards of safety and labor protection


Complete logistics and shipping support


The use of modern, highly efficient mining equipment


High social responsibility. The development of children's and youth sports in the region. Support for Veterans and the poor


Sustainable development focus


Coal supply of a quality that will satisfy the most demanding Buyer


Shipping of the market demanded coal volume


Guaranteed timely delivery

We use high-tech modern machinery, leading producers in the field of mining equipment:

History of the company:

Creating a company
December, 2013
The first license for the use of subsoil for the site “Iretsky of Golumetsky coal-bearing area" was obtained
January, 2014
The second license for subsoil use for the site "Severny" was obtained
October, 2015
Start recruiting company employees
April, 2018
Onset of mining operations
September, 2018
First loading of finished products to railcars
December, 2018
As a result of pilot development which 557 719 tons were produced, 518 302 tons were delivered
December, 2019
As a result of industrial development, 332 145 tons were produced, 341 213 tons were delivered
January 2020 - July 2020

Materials about the company: